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About Us

At Health Enhanced Foods we are leading the way to a healthier lifestyle through more nutritional eating habits for the health-conscious consumer. We custom-blend all-natural unprocessed premium flours with no additives that are dairy-free, naturally plant-based (non-GMO) and available Gluten-free. Our blended, unprocessed flours allow you to enjoy the foods you love in a way that is much healthier and more nutritious for you and your family.
Most flours available today are highly processed and/or contain additives beyond the basic ingredients needed to make a quality product. This processing and additives rob the flour of much of its natural nutrients. Health Enhanced Foods flours are made from the finest basic ingredients and nothing more. This healthy alternative allows you to eat foods that contain the nutrients nature intended without requiring you to change your diet or eating habits. Plus, you will boost your immune system and maximize your metabolic defense.
Our flours are ideal for the African, Caribbean and Asian consumer, families looking for healthier breakfast foods for their children, vegans, the elderly or ill, athletes and the health-conscious. Our products are available online or at your local specialty and health food stores.
Caroline Egbelu
Founder & CEO


Health Enhanced Foods does not have a retail store front for the public to visit.  Our manufacturing facility is in Rockaway, NJ.  Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions about our products.

We are working to expand distribution of our products daily.  If you can’t find HEF products at your local store, please encourage the store manager to stock our products.  Let us know where you’d like us to offer our products!

Yes, Health Enhanced Foods products are available on Amazon