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Caroline Egbelu Appointed to USDA Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Processed Foods

[Rockaway, NJ, Aug 24, 2023] – Health Enhanced Foods (HEF) is proud to announce that its CEO, Caroline Egbelu, has been appointed to the prestigious USDA Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Processed Foods. This appointment recognizes Caroline’s outstanding leadership, expertise, and contributions to the food industry and further solidifies her commitment to promoting innovation, sustainability, and economic growth within the agriculture sector.

The USDA Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Processed Foods plays a crucial role in advising the U.S. Department of Agriculture on matters related to international trade in processed food products. The committee’s guidance aids in formulating effective trade policies, fostering economic opportunities for American producers, and ensuring that the nation’s agricultural resources are managed sustainably and responsibly.

“We are thrilled to see Caroline Egbelu appointed to this important advisory committee,” said Gift Egbelu, spokesperson for Health Enhanced Foods. “Caroline’s visionary leadership at Health Enhanced Foods, her dedication to promoting health-enhancing products, and her deep understanding of the complexities of the food industry make her an excellent choice for this role.”

Caroline Egbelu has been at the forefront of Health Enhanced Foods, a company known for its commitment to producing nutritious and innovative food products. Her expertise in product development, market trends, and sustainable practices has earned her recognition not only within the industry but also as a thought leader in the broader conversation about the future of food.

“I am truly honored to be appointed to the USDA Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Processed Foods,” said Caroline Egbelu. “I believe that trade can be a powerful driver of positive change, promoting economic growth while advancing our shared goals of nourishing both our nation and the global community. I look forward to collaborating with fellow committee members to shape policies that reflect these values.”

The USDA plays a pivotal role in shaping policies related to food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and more. The department’s commitment to science-based decision-making and effective management aligns closely with Caroline Egbelu’s vision for a sustainable and thriving agricultural sector.

Caroline’s appointment to this advisory committee is a testament to her leadership and dedication, and it underscores the role that private sector innovation can play in shaping public policy and advancing the nation’s goals.


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